In this video, Jann Gray shares helpful insights about Bible Journaling and its growing community. She shares her recommendations on how to connect with the Bible Journaling community and how to increase your sales with Bible Journaling products.

Stores that successfully sell Bible Journaling products
and supplies do the following:

• Bring all of your Bible Journaling inventory together in one place. This keeps the customer from having to hunt down a product — and may even encourage them to try some new products that they didn’t know the store carried. See image below.

• Place a tablet or computer monitor near the designated area and loop Jann Gray’s  Bible Journaling demonstration video that not only shows the products, but demonstrates them. Available now to download. 

• In addition to looping Jann's demonstration videos, stores also played her video which talks about how to engage Bible Journalers in your area. Hear why Bible Journaling is not a fad, but a growing TREND. Learn how to EXTEND the TREND! How to Market Bible Journaling.

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