Benefits of Marking the Bible

Over 30,000 verses grace the 66 books of the Bible. To say the Bible is complex is an understatement. Highlighting or underlining important parts of the text helps control this complexity. Marking special areas of interest or passages for personal enjoyment is a good way to locate, index and visually track important themes and topics. Adding personal comments in the margins next to a special verse personalizes your reading.

Benefits of Color Coding the Bible
* Slows your reading down so that you see word relationships
* Helps trace ideas through a text more easily
* See an idea in its context more clearly
* Identify significant words
* Discover relationships between sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and books of the Bible
* Discover Biblical cross references to other verses more easily
* Increases your ability to memorize and recall Biblical passages
* Helps you focus more on the Biblical text rather than commentaries
* Keeps you focused on verse to verse study rather then jumping around

Basic Color Coding
GTL offers a variety of Bible Study Marking Kits which aid in Bible Study. All of these kits include a basic color code on the packaging which provides a solid template to begin your studies.

Other Color Coding Ideas
* Look for a word and its personal pronouns
* Look for synonyms
* Look for repeated words
* Color code verbs
* Look for purpose statements ("so that" "for this reason")
* Look for time ("after this", "then")
* Look for contrasts ("but", "or")
* Look for conjunctions ("and")
* Look for transitions ("therefore")

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